Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Born and Unborn Writers

Dear Dead Beat,

Is there such thing as a born writer?

Dear Lifeless,

No. All writers are unborn.

Actually, we don't know. Writing is a process. This is how we best understand it. Some potentially could be born with the process engrained. Some may have to learn it entirely (Dead Beat doubts this). For most it is a combination of already 'knowing' and learning.

All Dead Beat can urge is that you do not veiw yourself as a born writer in case you are wrong. Study the craft of writing, study the craft of creativity, practice by writing until your arm drops. That would be a good start.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to find the comments section so that I can post a letter to you, so a reply to this note will have to do..

You're a mentor, DB, so what is your mentoring style, please? Are you taking apprentices? (I've heard them called mentees, oh, I hope you don't call them that.)

Thank you,
anonymous writer

Anonymous said...

If you can contact me directly at:, I'll get back to you with details,


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